Nanako to Nanao

Title: 七子と七生
Title English: Nanako to Nanao
Tagline: 姉と弟になれる日
Tagline English: The day they became sister and brother
Country: Japan
Year: 2004
Genre: family, human drama



Nanako is an ordinary high school girl who lives with her mother, who is a taxi driver. One day, suddenly she has a younger brother - Nanao, the son of her late father's mistress. While Nanao's mother is being put in jail, Nanako's mother decides to take care of him. Nanako doesn't like it at all. Everything Nanao does irritates her. Shortly afterwards, Nanako's mother becomes very sick. In fact, she doesn't have much time left. Since she is in hospital, Nanako is forced to live with Nanao alone... 



  •  Aoi Yu as Nanako
  • Chinen Yuri as Nanao
  • Ishida Eri as Kimie (Nanako's mother)
  • Nomura Mami as Machiko (Nano's mother)


(credits: generasia)